How does it work?

Geany finds better deals for you, just click & switch.

We compare all Retailers,
giving you more options

We compare all Energy Retailers in the market

A lot of "Comparison" services only compare products offered by their commercial partners. There's over 100+ Energy Retailers in Australia and we compare products from all of them.

We handle the hard stuff

We make shopping around for a better deal, effortless

Energy Retailers release new pricing year-round. We are constantly monitoring the market for the latest price changes and our members benefit first from any savings.

We work for you

We don't take commissions from Energy Retailers

A lot of "Comparison" services receive a sales commission from the retailer when you switch. We are 100% independent, our business model is only to find savings for you.

How we're different

There are many comparison services, here's how we compare.

Compares the products from all Energy Retailers in the market
Monitors the market for price changes and notifies you when it finds a better deal
Receives a commission fee from the Energy Retailer when you switch

A lot of free comparison services don't compare all products in the market. They also don't make all products on their platform available to all customers, or at all times. They partner with Energy Retailers and earn a fee when you switch.

How much does it cost?

We guarantee you'll save. If we can't find you more than $100+/yr in savings, we'll give you a full refund.


  • View savings before you buy
  • Full refund if we can't save you $100+/yr
  • Compare every bill for 12months
  • Get notified of Better Deals when prices change

Shop around, effortlessly

We compare energy plans from all Energy Retailers in the market. That's right, every single one.

We guarantee you'll save

If we can't save you more than the minimum savings of your chosen plan, we'll give you a full refund.

We're fiercely independent

We are funded by our members and don't receive commissions from Energy Retailers.

No guessing, just saving

We consider many factors to determine if you'll save money on any particular plan and we'll show you our work.

We're just getting started

Right now we're finding the best rates for Energy, but we're working hard to compare a whole lot more in the future.

You'll always be saving

We are constantly monitoring the market for the latest price changes so you'll always be aware of the best rates.